1. HD 1080 Car High Definition Video Camcorder with GPS/Google Map/G-sensor-Black[21776]

    Price:  $69.90

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    Portable product is able to use in any place and any time. It is easy to hold and do not need complicated equipment. This high-tech new product, featuring many functions such as high resolution video, built-in GPS, goole map and external SD card memory(not included), being available for your excellent and happy daily life, tourism and outdoor activities, is mainly used for vehicle video-recording and effective evidence collecting for safety misadventures.

    * Name of item: Portable video camcorder
    * Color: Black
    * Display:1.5'' LTPS TF LCD
    * Photo mode:jpeg,2592x1944
    * Video Codec:H.264
    * 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens
    * Automatically start recording when ignition start-up
    * Cycle recording and section recording
    * No miss between the files
    * 5 mp Cmos Sensor
    * An-ti shake, taking photos and voice recording
    * Goole map
    * Supporting 32GB micro SD card
    * Voltage:5V
    * Out Power:5W
    * Size: for camcorder:10x3.5x2xm

    Package Content:
    1* Car camcorder
    1* USB port
    1* Car adapter
    1* Stand
    1* HD cable
    1* AV line
    1* CD
    1* Instruction manual

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