1. 1200LM CREE XML-T6 5V 3-Mode USB LED Headlamp Headlight Bike Bicycle Light[68451]

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    This high quality adjustable super-bright head-lamp provides hands-free convenience for outdoor activities at night or in dark conditions such as caving orienteering camping or mountain biking. Long-lasting bulbs provide the perfect amount of light for your job.


    * 2 in 1 design: Headlamp & Bicycle light
    * Specially designed with USB power port (5V) perfect to be used with power bank (not included) so that you can totally get rid of the cumbersome battery carrying.
    * CREE XML-T6 LED maximum lumen up to 1200LM ultra bright.
    * Three Modes: Strong Weak and Flash (by pressing the button).
    * Durable aluminum alloy crust abrasion resistance.
    * "O" ring waterproof design (Don't place it into water for a long time).
    * Equipped with elastic band and rubber rings for easy installation.
    * LED indicators.
    * Suitable for cycling climbing fishing hunting camping and other outdoor activities.

    * Item Type: Headlamp & bicycle light
    * LED: CREE XML-T6
    * LED Quantity: 1pcs
    * Light Color: White
    * Port: 1 x USB 2.0 male
    * Working Voltage: 5V
    * Modes:
    Strong: 2000MA (Current); 1200LM (Lumen)
    Weak: 1500MA (Current); 300LM (Lumen)
    Flash: 2000MA (Current); 1200LM (Lumen)
    * Button Function: Mode selecting & Off
    * Lifespan: Approx. 100000 hours
    * Housing: Aluminum alloy
    * USB Cable Length: Approx. 95cm/ 37.4in
    * Light Size: 5.4 * 4.1cm/ 2.1 * 1.6in(L * D)

    Package Included:
    * 1 x CREE XML-T6 Headlamp (battery not included)


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