1. WW-1203A AC110/220V to DC 12V 3A Switch Power Supply [21946]

    Price:  $8.28

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The product is a AC110/220V to DC 12V 3A converter power supply, It with short circuit/over load/ over voltage/ Over temp protection function. Suitable for CCTV, Radio, Camera, Computer project, 12V LED light

    * Manual adjustable input voltage Switch From 110V /220V to 12V.
    * Lower Power consumption, Lower Temperature, high efficiency
    * Short circuit/Over load/ Over voltage/ Over temp protection
    * Auto-recovery after protection
    * Design with Built-in EMI Filter, improve signal precision
    * Input power: AC 110/220V
    * Output power: DC12V 3A
    * Suitable for CCTV, Radio, Camera, Computer project, 12V LED light
    * Size: 85x58x33mm
    * Weight: 133g

    Package Included:
    * Power Converter Supply x 1

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