1. 1.8M Adjustable Multi Function Light Stand Reflective Umbrella Bracket for Photography - Black[13319]

    Price:   $38.64 $39.03

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This item is a bracket for holding the reflective umbrella or flash lamp when you are taking photography. It can be used in both indoor studio and outdoor. It is adjustable so that you can adjust the height of it as your need. It will be a good helper for you.

    * Convenient to use, light weight and portable to take away outside
    * Height is adjusted and locked by knob, easy to unfold and hold steadily
    * The light stand head i with standard design, fits for most flash mounts and suitable for all flash triggers and other professional strobes via flash mount
    * Be used for indoor studio and outdoor photography
    * Material: Plastic + aluminuma
    * Folded height: 71 cm
    * Extended height: 180 cm
    * Color: Black

    Package included:
    1* Light stand

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