1. 1900mAh External Battery Charger Case Portable Backup Battery for iPhone 4G/4S-Black[35642]

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    This External Power Battery Pack for iPhone  4G/4S is an ideal and powerful companion for your endeared iPhone 4G/4S. It acts both as a protective case and also as an excellent external battery pack. The potent built-in 1900 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery can be engaged in using the On/Off switch button at your will and it is able to provide additional talk time by up to 6~7 hours for your iPhone4 and stand time by 5 days. This case is stylish and portable with textured Black non-slip finish: 2 in1 battery & Docking as well as provides full body coverage for your iPhone 4G/4S.


    * Smart Battery (Optimized to lengthen your iPhone performance time; No more out of power dilemma during important phone coversations)
    * Full Body Coverage for iPhone 4G/4S
    * Lightweight thin design (Low profile)
    * Non slip comfort grip
    *  Automatic tests function
    * High-quality Li-polymer Cell
    * Extended battery pack - 1900 mAh
    * ON/OFF Button for Optional Power Output Control
    * Four LED lights indicates the power level remaining the case (Each light represents 25% of remaining power)
    * Sleek Low-Profile design ; Rechargeable up to 1000 times

    * Capacity: 1900mAh
    * Fully charged in 3 Hours
    * Battery type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
    * Output voltage: DC 5V
    * Output current: 500mA  MAX
    * Output: 5V
    * Compatible: For iPhone 4 4G/4S
    * Dimension: about 127*60*15mm
    * Weight: 65g

    Package includes:

    1 x External Battery Charger Case(Without Retail Package)
    1 x Charger cable
    1 x User's manual 


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