1. 2.8x 3 inches 3:2 LCD Viewfinder V3 for Canon 60D 600D [48029]

    Price:  $12.53

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    Optical viewfinder is designed for LCD screen viewing of digital camera. Especially suitable for DSLR high definition video photography, on-site shooting and viewing the photo, etc. It helps make the view you caputured more clearer and beautiful.

    Product Description:

    * 100% brand New! High Quality!
    * Great accessory, very good for taking video.
    * It turns your video enabled HDSLR LCD screen into a huge electronic viewfinder for precise image evaluation.
    * 180 degrees flappable design allows instant left or right eye usage.
    * Stabilizes camera when shooting video handheld.
    * Spontaneously transform your video enabled DSLR into a discreet handheld video camera.
    * Aids on the fly focuing.
    * Allows the use of LCD in bright daylight outdoors.
    * Universal magnetic mounting interface allows rapid mounting and remove without any wear and tear.
    * Flat mounting interface allows easy cleaning of the LCD screen.
    * Compatible: SONY NEX-3 NEX-5 NEX3 NEX5
    Application guide:
    1.Leave your camera recording for approximately 12 minutes before and just after the frame is applied – as the camera gets moderately warm during the recording it helps to develop a strong initial bond between the metal interface and your camera body.
    2.But while you apply the interface frame set your camera to display a bright full screen image such camera menu in its brightest state it aid the correct and even placement of the interface frame
    3.Now, remove the paper backing and carefully apply the frame onto the camera body while ensuring an even placement around the LCD
    4.Apply pressure (message it with your fingers) to ensure better bond between the frame and camera
    5.Leave a weight onto the freshly applied frame at least for 15 minutes while your camera is recording as the heat generated will ensure a better first specially if you are in a hurry
    6.Initial bond strength of approximately 76% is achieved after 15 minutes
    1 x LCD extender with hood
    1 x Magnetic Sticker
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