1. 4200mAh Rechargeable External Battery Backup Case w/ Stand & Card Slot for Samsung Galaxy i9200 Galaxy Mega 6.3[62494]

    Price:  $22.29

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This 4200mAh super Samsung Galaxy i9200 Backup Battery Case can be used as an emergency battery anytime and anywhere in the condition that you don't have an access to a computer, car charger or wall charger. It can also act as a protective case to give full protection for your device. The flip stand will give you a better viewing angle whne you enjoy the MV or movies etc.

    * Color: Black / White
    * Material: Leather + Carbon Fiber
    * Compatible Model: Samsung Galaxy i9200
    * Freely stand without your holding
    * LED light indicator for battery capacity
    * With cover case to bring full protection for your device
    * A perfect emergency backup power pack
    * Have an easy access to all the function of your device without removing the power case
    * Ideal for long distance travel or business trip

    * Capacity: 4200 mAh
    * Input: 5V/0.5A
    * Output: 5V/0.8A
    * Charging Time: 4.8 hours
    * Standby Time: Up to 480 hours
    * Talk Time: Up to 6 hours
    * Wi-Fi: Up to 10.6 hours
    * Audio Play: Up to 36 hours
    * Video Play: Up to 10.6 hours 
    * Size: 181 x 90 x 15mm

    Package includes:
    1 x Backup Power Case

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