1. 5000LM CREE XM-L 3x T6 LED Headlight Light Headlamp Head Lamp Flashlight[68447]

    Price:  $21.48

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    This high quality adjustable super-bright head-lamp provides hands-free convenience for outdoor activities at night or in dark conditions such as caving orienteering camping or mountain biking. Long-lasting bulbs provide the perfect amount of light for your job.


    * Color: Black
    * Model of LED: 3x CREE XM-L T6
    * Lumen: Max to 5000LM
    * Battery: not included
    * Powered by 2 x 18650 3.7V (batteries not included)
    * Mode: 1x Cree XM-L T6/ 2x Cree XM-l T6/ 3x Cree XM-L T6/ Flashing
    * Light Source: CREE XML-T6
    * 90 degree rotation: Yes
    * Application: Suitable for hiking camping hunting night riding caving expedition etc.
    * Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
    * Adjustable base is provided for each head lamp with back and forth inclination

    Package Included:
    * 1 x 3 CREE XM-L T6 5000LM Headlamp (batteries not included)


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