1. 58MM Ring Aaptor + Graduated Square Filter Color Sunset + Holder for Cokin P Series[48720]

    Price:  $6.93

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This SDHC memory card, rated performance card which means the card has a guaranteed high read/write speed, will reduce time between shots. For those high-end digital devices users, SDHC memory card will ensure you capture every "picture-perfect" moment.

    - High storage capacity (32GB) for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more
    - Optimal speed and performance for SDHC compatible devices
    - Easily transfer files between your digital devices and computer
    - Low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small protable devices
    - Capacity: 32GB
    Package included:
    1* SD card

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