1. Anti-Dust Plug Kit for MacBook Pro - Yellow(9-Piece Pack)[46683]

    Price:  $1.96

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 October, 2014.

    This product is Anti-Dust plug kit which is designed with silicone material. It is only designed for MacBook Pro. Those usefull kits can protect all the data ports of your laptop against the dust and water. It's really a useful and practical kit for you.



    Item: Anti-Dust Plug Kit for MacBook Pro -  Yellow
    Contains 9pcs plugs for all the data ports: power port + Ethernet port + IEEE1394 + Mini DVI + 2pcs USB 2.0 + SD + earphone + microphone
    * Silicone material
    * Suitable for Apple MacBook Pro
    * Excellent quality and reasonable price
    * Weight: 5g

    Package Includes:
    9 pcs plugs



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