1. Arduino Compatible UNO R3 Development Board Electronics DIY[48884]

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    This is an easy-to-use type open source controller which was newly introduced in 2012. On the hardware, there is no big change compared with Arduino UNO old version. The biggest difference lies in the part of USB converting to serial port circuit. The replacement is ATMega16U2 chip.

    - Adopts Atmega 16U2 chip instead of 8U2, which means higher transmission rate and memory.
    - No need to install driver in Mac and Linux system, shall install IDE driver in Windows system
    - Adds SDA and SCL interfaces

    - ATmega328 microcontroller
    - Input voltage - 7-12V
    - 14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)
    - 6 Analog Inputs
    - 32k Flash Memory
    - 16Mhz Clock Speed

    Note: Arduino UNO R3 requires to install Arduino 1.0 driver. It's tested that R3 can use old version IDE but if R3 is running for the first time on a PC, then the 1.0 driver is required.

    Package includes:
    1 x UNO R3


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