1. Cute Sparkling Turtle Shape Audio Speaker Night Light Plush Toy - Pink[15619]

    Price:  $27.71

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This Lovely and sparkling turtle audio Speaker plush toy plays MP3s, comes with a built-in player.It is a night light and twilight projector with music speaker,. It can also be your child's best friend keeping them safe from the dark so they can get a peaceful sleep every night and be awake and refreshed for school the next morning.

    * MP3 Player.Attach a USB flash drive filled with your favorite MP3 songs, The Turtle Speaker will entertain you or your child for hours.
    * Allergy-free,cuddly and totally huggable plush toy
    * Lovely turtle shape designed.
    * Great night light star projector.
    * Make your night time more fun and magic,give you or your child a nice sleep.
    * Power Supply:3x AA batteries or via the USB Interface.
    * Size: 34x18cm

    Package include:
    * 1x Pink Sparkling Turtle Audio Speaker Plush Toy
    * 1 x USB cable
    * 1 x Audio cable

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