1. 52" 4:3 Display Size 3D Stereo Video Glasses Sunglasses for iPhone iPad[38762]

    Price:  $89.19

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The product is a 52" 4:3 display size 3D stereo video glasses for iPhone iPad, noew you can watch moive anytime anywhere!

    * Demountable: consists of video part and general-purpose polarized sunglasses
    * Removed the video part. It can be used as polarized sunglasses with stylish appearance
    * Installed the video part, It can be used as video glasses with superior audio and video quality


    no radiation full-color LCD micro-display
    Virtual screen
    52inch 4:3 large screen (at 2 meter's distance)
    Color depth
    input 24-bit
    Optical visible angle
    26 degree angle
    Built-in ploymer battery, 3.7V 800mAh
    Maximum power
    Battery duration
    Power consumption
    Sample rate
    Video input
    mixed video input
    Video format
    MTSC/PAL/SECAM automatic selection
    double-channel stero earbuds
    MP3 bit rates
    64K bps- 320K bps
    WMA bit rate
    64K bps - 384K bps
    Frequency responce
    20Hz to 20KHz
    Viewing angle
    controllable degree is -15 degrees to 15 degrees
    Net weight
    60g (not including earphones)
    Operating system
    windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 OSX

    Package include:
    * Video glasses x 1
    * USB data cable x 1
    * USB cable x 1
    * D/V adapter x 1
    * AV cable x 1
    * Light shield x 1
    * Deluxe carryinh case x 1

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