1. DT08 10x25 101M/1000M Digital Binocular Telescope with 1.3MP CMOS Sensor Camera-Black+silvery[22128]

    Price:  $33.70

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This product can be used as binocular Telescope for viewing figure or goods at remote place, digital camera for taking photos and digital video recording for recording wonderful and memorable scene, experience. With USB cable, you can download or transfer photos or videos from it to computer to share your happiness with your friends, colleagues or families.

    * Name of item: Telescope with camera
    * New brand with high quality
    * Color: Black and silvery
    * Model: DT08
    * Used as binocular Telescope + Digital Camera + Digital Video Recording
    * Telescope:10x25 101M/1000M
    * 1.3MP CMOS sensor
    * Image resolution:1280*960
    * Video resolution:640*480
    * Computer interface: USB 2.0
    * Shutter Speed: 1/4 ~ 1/10000 seconds
    * Video Frame Rate: 5~10 fps(VGA),15~25(QVGA)
    * Lens: Fixed, F=6.2mm
    * Focus Range: 20m ~ infinity(Normal)
    * Aperture: F208
    * Power control: Auto power off after 30 seconds without operation / manual power on / off
    * Low voltage alarm: Auto
    * Binoculars Size: 10x12
    * File formats: 24 bits JPEG / AVI
    * Viewfinder: Optics
    * Shoot Mode: Single / Continuous / Self-time
    * Self-Timer: 10 seconds delay
    * Exposure: Automatic
    * White balance: Automatic
    * Supported TF card, up to 32GB(Not included)
    * Size:14x9cm(LxW) and 2.9cm for monocular's diameter
    * System Requirement For PC: Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP

    Please note:
    1.Do not connect the camera to the computer before the software is installed
    2.Download the images from camera before the battery discharged, otherwise, the images will be deleted automatically.
    3.Use good quality alkaline batteries only.
    4.If your computer system is win98 I, you must set up the document name E: /Win/DIRECTX 8.1 b REDIST PACKAGE.EXE(E is CD driver)before you set up driver progammer of the Digital Camera.

    Package included:
    1* Telescope
    1* USB cable
    1* Cloth for cleaning 

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