1. Headset Microphone Headphone for XBOX 360 / X BOX 360 Live ZY020[23002]

    Price:  $11.78

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    Metal 2 Sections 20cm Tripod for Digital Camera Camcorder Black is composed of high quality aluminum with universal functions. The tilt head is easy to aim precisely, and adjustable legs keep everything steady.

      100% Brand New

      Material: Aluminum / copper

      Max height: 20cm
      Min height: 12.7cm

      Color: Black

      Diameter of one leg: 9.8mm

      Leg Section: 2

      Works with all compact digital cameras & camcorders

      Top ball head providing 360° turning and 90° tilt

      Easily attaches to cameras 1/4" tripod socket

      Perfect size for travel and leisure

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