1. High Speed 4GB SD Secure Digital Memory Card[41506]

    Price:  $5.25

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This Transflash Micro SD Card is designed to meet the needs of next generation, feature-rich mobile phones and other SD-compatible devices. It boasts a storage capacity of 1GB, enabling you to store large amounts of digital data, such as: mp3/4, movies, videos, photos, etc.

    Transflash Micro SD Memory Card with high quality and large capacity.

    * With high standard to meet the needs of next generation, feature-rich mobile phones and other

     SD-compatible devices.

    * Compatible with a variety of Micro SD or TransFlash mobile devices

    Large capacity to store large amounts of digital data in your mobile phone

    *High transfer speed to copy and download.

    * Low power consumption to maximize the batteries life and protect the devices.

    * Plug-and-play, easy to use.

    * Compact in size, convenient to carry around.

    * Capacity: 4GB

    * Weight: 0.028kg

    * Package content: 1 x4GB Transflash TF Micro SD Memory Card

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