1. HY554 USB Audio Controller Support 3D Sound (Ac-3) and Virtual 5.1 Sound Track[42373]

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    Digital Camera Battery 750mAh for Minolta NP 200 Replacement is compatible with many types of Minolta cameras and has a capacity of 750mAh. It is your strong backup when taking pictures or filming videos.

    100% Brand New

    Dimension: 51.8 x 31.3 x 6.2mm

    Voltage: 3.7V

    Capacity: 750mAh

    Type: Li-ion

    Color: Light Gray

    Good replacement for Minolta NP 200

    Fit for Minolta camera model: DiMAGE X, DiMAGE Xi, DIMAGE Xt, DIMAGE Xt Biz, KONICA MINOLTA DiMAGE Xg

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