1. IPX 8 Waterproof Transparent Protective Skin for iPhone 5[57794]

    Price:  $4.12

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 October, 2014.

    The product is a IPX 8 waterproof protective skin for iPhone 5 Clear thin and slim It can prevent your iphone from dirty and scratch and what's cool you would never worry about your iphone being damaged by water with it!


    * Waterproof skin for iPhone 5
    * Material: TPU (thermo plastic poly urethone)
    * Elongation: 400% up (ASTM Test)
    * Waterproof test: IPX 8
    * Incorporated 3M's adhesive technology to ensure complete water sand and dirt protection
    * Underwater touchscreen capability is limited due to static loss
    * Double Layered: Extra smooth layer added in the rear for double protection and easy insertion
    * 98% Image Clarity: Exquisite picture quality ensured by 98% skin transparency


    Package include:
    * Waterproof skin for iPhone 5 x 1


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