1. JY620 50mm Photography On-camera Flash Speed-light with 1.7inch LCD Screen-Black[57242]

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    This item is JY620 50mm Photography On-camera Flash Speed-light with 1.7inch LCD Screen. Do not use the flash in the presence of flammable or explosive gas. If the flash is operated in areas where there is a flammable gas, including propane, gasoline and dust, it could cause an explosion or fire.



    * Name of item: Photography flash speed-light
    * New brand with high quality
    * Color: Black
    * Model:JY620
    * Type: On-camera
    * Compatible cameras: Standard hot shoe cameras
    * Guide number: 40 (at 50mm focal length, ISO 100 in meters)
    * Flash coverage: 50mm
    * Exposure control type: Stroboscopic flash, manual flash
    * Effective flash range: 0.7-29m(with EF 50mm f/1.4, ISO 100)
    * Flash exposure compensation: Manual, =/- 0.3stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
    * Flash exposure confirmation: Flash exposure confirmation lamp lights
    * Recycling time: Normal flash 3.0 sec.(with size-AA alkaline batteries)
    * Flash-ready indicator: Red pilot lamp lights
    * Transmission method: Optical pulse
    * Slave flash modes: S1, S2
    * External power: Compact battery pack CP-E4
    * Transmission range: Appro. reception angle:+/- 40°horizontal, +/-30°vertical
    * Dimensions: 72x122x101mm

    Package included:
    1* Speed-light
    1* Carrying pouch
    1* Flash stand
    1* User manual(In Chinese and English)

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