1. JYC SR-N3 Remote Switch[48095]

    Price:  $5.47

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    1. Minimize Vibration as we are shooting.  
    2. Handy for taking pictures of subjects that difficult to approach.
    3. Easy control shutter for Long time exposure.  
    4. Mini size to take, light weight
    5. Elegant design, excellent quality
    6. Available cable length: 1m/ 3m/ 5m

    JUE YING Shutter Release models:
    SR-C1——CANON 1000D/550D/450D/400D/350D/300D, PENTAX K10D/K20D/K100DK100D and Samsung GX-10 DSLR or Film DSLR
    SR-C3——CANON 1D/1DS,EOS5D/40D/30D/20D/10D/5DII etc DSLR or Film DSLR
    SR-N1——NIKON D3/D300/D2H/D2H/D200/D1H/D1X/D100, Fuji S5PRO DSLR or Film DSLR
    SR-N2——NIKON D80/D70S DSLR
    SR-N3——NIKON D90/D5000 DSLR
    SR-E2——Olympus E-400 E-410 E-420 E-510 E-520 E-30,EP-1,EP-2 DSLR or Film DSLR
    SR-S1——SONY a100/a200/A300/A350/a700,MINOLTA a7D/a5D DSLR or Film DSLR
    SR-P1——Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ20, FZ20K, FZ25, FZ30, FZ50, LC1, L10, L1 DSLR or Film DSLR

    Package included:
    1* remote switch

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