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    PISEN 1100mAh Battery for Casio CNP40 Replacement will help you out the frustrating situation that your camcorder is coming with low battery when you focus on capturing your best moment.

      China popular brand: PISEN, digital camera battery

      Size: 3.7cm x 3.8cm x 0.9cm (L x W x H)

      Color: Black

      Battery Type: Li-ion

      Voltage: 3.7V

      Capacity: 1100mAh

      Fit models: Casio Z5 / Z30 / Z40 / Z50 / Z55 / Z850 / Z750 / Z57 / EXP600 / P700 / P750 / P770 / z1000 / Z1050 / Z1080 / Z1200 / Z100 / Z200 / Z300 / Z600 / Ordro DDV-V8 / 5100HD / DXG DVH566 / DigiLife DDV-5100HD / Lenyin592 / A-one DV5500 / BenQ E520

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