1. Micro SD Transfer to SD Flash Memory Card Adapter[41293]

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    Octopus Flexible 17cm Tripod for Digital Camera Camcorder shows good support for compact digital camera and camcorder in highly twisted form. Well designed and standard screw head make it easy and universal for fitting all cameras and camcorders.

      100% Brand New

      Maximum Height: 17cm

      Material: Hard plastic

      Shaped and flexible like an octopus

      Lightweight, portable, easy to store

      Well designed head and standard screw (1/4-20) that is universal to fit all standard cameras or camcorders

      The tripod ball & socket joints are flexible, can bend and rotate 360 degree to form a perfect shape.

      Can hold up to 275g

      Quick-Release plate with standard 1/4'' camera screw thread

      Easy to set up on any uneven surface

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