1. Motion Activated 6-LED Illumination Lamp - White[20550]

    Price:  $8.13

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    Delicacy simple but elegant high technology it is a fashion product in living which can bring convenience to you and besides it is a good helper in camping and party.


    LED Quantiy: 6pcs
    LED life: >80000H
    LED Brightness: adjustable
    Delay time: 20s 60s 90s constant(±20%)
    Standby current: < 0.35mA (operating voltage: 3)
    Operating current: <65mA (operating voltage:3V)
    Sensitivity: 3m(distance) 90(angle)
    Power: use high quality LR03(AAA) battery 4PCS(not included)
    Product size: 85x85x50mm  

    Package included:
    1* PIR LED light
    Package size: 95x95x58mm


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