1. Multi-function 7inch 4GB Memory 720p Ebook Reader w/Micro SD Extension[19492]

    Price:  $68.87

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The product is Multi-function 7inch 4GB Memory 720p Ebook Reader w/Micro SD Extension, It features with 7inch screen, with MP3,MP4,MP5, Built-in 4GB memory.

    Display Screen 7 inch C-Paper technology color LCD
    External Dimension 206mmX133mmX11.8mm
    Resolution 800×480
    Basic Frequency Dual-core (ARM 560M and DSP 550M)
    Processor ROCKCHIP2729
    E-book Supporting TXT, PDF, FB2, EPUB, HTM, PDB, RTF and MOBI formats
    E-book Format Coding TXT: Supporting ANSI/UNICODE coding
    PDF: Supporting PDF version 1.3/1.4/1.5
    PDB: Supporting palmDOC format
    FB2: Supporting ANSI/UTF-8 coding
    HTM: Supporting ANSI/UTF-8 coding
    EPUB: Supporting OCF standard
    RTF: Supporting the coding of all the languages
    MOBI: Supporting PALM DOC
    E-book Function Bookmark: Many functions including saving bookmark, retrieval bookmark, deletion bookmark, browse history and skip display, etc.
    E-book display: Supporting 360 degree screen rotation for convenient reading, zooming in and out character fonts and regulating the color of character fonts, etc.
    Multi-task e-book: Reading e-book in music playing
    Smart Search With the function, only inputting a file name, the corresponding book or file can be searched; it’s very convenient for your reading
    Shortcut There are ten shortcut keys including 0—9 to enter the corresponding interface rapidly
    Backlight Supporting five levels of backlight adjustment to protect your eyes
    Video Format Supporting 720P (1280X720) high-definition video playing, RM, RMVB, MPEG, MPG, 3GP, MP4, AVI, VOB, FLV and WMV formats; without switch, supporting breakpoint memory playing
    Music Format Supporting MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, OGG, WAV and AC3 formats, lrc display; supporting breakpoint memory playing; MP3 data rate 8Kbps-320Kbps; WMA data rate 8Kbps-320Kbps
    LRC Format LRC
    EQ Mode Microsoft sound effect, normal, rock, pop, classical, Mega bass and Jazz
    Playing Setting Orderly and random playing
    Recording Supporting WAV format
    Picture Format Supporting BMP, JPG and GIF pictures, zooming in & out pictures and rotating screen
    Repeat Setting Single, repeat one, orderly playing, repeat all and trial
    Additional Function Viewing calendar; shutdown in sleep; providing more humanistic services
    Language Simplified Chinese, English, Chinese Traditional and other languages
    Battery Built-in 3000MA Li-polymer battery
    Cruise Duration Audio backlight is dark; the earphone is inserted for about 22h
    Video default backlight lasts for about 5h
    E-book browsing: The default backlight lasts for about 6h to browse 3500 page
    File System FAT, FAT32
    Earphone Specification 3.5MM
    Type of External Card TF card (supporting 16G max.)
    Memory Space support up to 8GB
    Color black, white
    Interface Type Standard 2.0USB interface; USB doesn’t support charging battery
    DC Power Socket 2.5MM DC 5V supply
    Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C


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