1. Multifunction Portable Solar Lamp Novelty LED Solar Outdoor Camping Lamp Solar Lights[19629]

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    The item is Multifunction Portable Solar Lamp Novelty LED Solar Outdoor Camping Lamp Solar Lights. The solar light bulb is the most economical solar light on the market. In most countries the solar bulb pays for itself in 15 days to 2 months by eliminating the need for expensive candles or kerosene.


    * It also makes an ideal camping light or a portable RV light emergency light or marine light.
    * It brings 6 hours of light per night on low and 5 hours of light per night on high it can be charged for multiple days in a row to extend its lighting time.
    * The battery will last for 1.5 years and can be replaced to keep the bulb lasting for years.
    * Size: 77x53x145mm
    * Weight: 150g
    * Power: 7 LED white light 100000 hours
    * Battery: Ni-MH AA 1000mA 1.2V
    * Cycle count: 800~1000 (3~5 years)

    * Light weight and shape portable handing usage every where with stainless elastic buckle.
    * 360 degree rotatable lamp head 200 degree rotatable lamp buckle suitable for usage in variant environment.
    * Switch for high brightness and low brightness to meet different bright requirement.
    * Made of bran-new environmental plastic and stainless steel.
    Manual switch + automatic sensitive optical switch.
    * Good water-proof for all weather usage outside.

    * 1 x LED solar lamp


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