1. New stylish 0.3mm Ultrathin Half-Transparent Plastic Frosted Back Case Cover For iPhone 4G -White[35342]

    Price:  $1.07

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 October, 2014.

    This item is simple and graceful in style which will adds the same image to your phone. In addition it is ultrathin so that it is light weighted and will not give extra weight to your phone. What's more it is made of frosted material which is antiskid.



    * Made of  plastic
    * 100% brand new case for iPhone 4G.
    *Top-qualityperfectly fit for iPhone 4G .
    * Protect your iPhone from srcatchesdust damage and slipping.
    * simple graceful and half-transparent design!
    * light weight
    * made of frosted material which is antiskid.
    * confortable touching
    * All slots accessible without  removing the case.
    *Hard tough durable case molds perfectly to your phone's shape without compromising usability

    Package includes:
    1*  Back Case Cover For iPhone 4G



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