1. Outdoor Solar 2 LED White Stairways Landscape Garden Path Wall Light [19301]

    Price:   $9.21 $10.13

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    Solar step light, Solar staircase and wall light, Make your outdoor areas safer at night with solar lighting. Just install and forget, no maintenance required. Each pack contains 2 LED light boxes that are charged by solar panels.

    * Brand new and high quality.
    * It is perfect for accent lighting or to add a bit more illumination to those spaces where it always seems just a little too dark or standard lights would be problematic.
    * They mount easily on steps, walls, and fence posts.
    * The solar panels gather energy even on overcast days, and they turn on automatically at dusk.
    * Includes an on/off button.
    * Mounting hardware included.
    * Stainless steel and plastic.
    * Light Size:14cm x 9.5cm X 2.5cm - 5.51inch x 3.74inch x 0.98inch.

    Package Included:
    * 1 x Solar 2 Led Stairways Lamp

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