1. Portable 13800mAh Capacity Power Bank for iPhone/Smart Phones-Black[55758]

    Price:  $24.54

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

    The portable power bank is widely compatible with iPhone Smart phone such as BlackBerry HTC Galaxy etc which is ideal for extended calling long trips gaming and listening music. Creative design practical usage and competitive advantage make you deserve to own one. High-end  and thin-flim EL display


    * Name of item:Power bank
    * Color:Black
    * Wide compatible such as iPhone Smart phone such as BlackBerry HTC Galaxyetc
    * Enviromental & economic efficiency
    * Powerful with long operation time
    * Cell type:Li-polymer battery
    * Capacity: 13800mAh
    * Input: DC 5V 1000 mAh
    * Output A: 5V 1000 mAh
    * Output B: 5V 2100 mAh
    * Charging time:9 hours
    * Long cycle life:500 times
    * LED light for power status
    * Automatic idenfication switch
    * Dimension: 12x7.5x2cm

    Package include:
    1* Power bank
    1* USB cable
    1* Bag of connectors


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