1. Portable Slim Lined Folding Leather Case Keyboard for iPad - Brown[34126]

    Price:  $26.44

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 October, 2014.

    This portable case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard is a perfect companion for your iPad. You can use this keyboard with most devices that have Bluetooth or USB adapter. And the PU leather protective case can protect your iPad against dust or scratches.It is compatible with Windows Mac Linux iPad iPhone4G and iPhone3GS if upgraded to IOS4. High quality fashion design and practical usage you deserve to own it!


    * Built-in wireless Bluetooth 2.0 interface
    * Silicone keyboard with comfortable touch
    * Stylish protective PU leather cover
    * Specially design for iPad
    * Built -in power management software
    * Light weight quiet keystrokes
    * Waterproof dust-proof anti-pollution anti-acid
    * Works with Windows/Mac/Linux/iPad/iPhone4G/ iPhone3GS if upgraded to IOS4
    * Built-in lithium battery: 450mAh which can last for about one week
    * Continuous standby for 100 days
    * Band: The ISM band of 2402-2480MHz
    * Working Distance: 10 meters
    * Color: Brown
    * Net Weight: 602g/27.23oz
    * Dimension: 24.2*20*3.2cm/9.53*7.87*1.26in

    Package Included:
    1* A Bluetooth Keyboard
    1* Leather Case
    1* A User Manual
    1* USB charging cable(if Apple 30 PIN charging interface don't need)


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