1. Portable Tare Electronic Scale with LCD and Blue Backlight-Black[23399]

    Price:  $8.13

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This product is portable electronic scale with mini shape, which give  you portable carry. After power on, please hang the goods at the tape and the data will be shown. When the goods is stable, the data will be locked and the LCD will display HOLD. Once  you press Tare key, the data will be unlock and you can add goods to weight again. Once the total weight is over the max capacity, the scale will shown "Err",  can you should take away the goods promptly in avoid to damage the scale.

    * New item with high quality
    * Name of item: Electronic scale
    * Blue backlight function
    * Auto power off
    * Tare function
    * Data lock function
    * Over load indication
    * Lower battery indication
    * Power:2xAAA batteries(not included)
    * High precision strain gauge sensors system
    * Capacity:10kg/5g,20kg/5g,40kg/5g
    * Dimension:14x2.5x2.5cm for scale
    Packing Include:
    1* Instruction manual

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