1. Prober Karlton2 50inch Virtual Screen Mobile Theatre[19539]

    Price:  $101.16

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    50inch Virtual Screen Mobile Theatre,Stunning Personal Entertaining device at an affordable price,Non-stop music/movie/Ebook fun and enjoyment wherever you go,Micro LCD Display technology,Originally invented for military simulation training purposes.

    * 50inch 4:3 wide screen virtual display, None radiation LCD panel   
    * Enjoy movies, music, photos and favorite books everywhere you go   
    * Built-in 2GB flash memory for mega storage and play of media files   
    * USB interface allows easy and high speed file uploading   
    * Sleek ergonomical design, comfortable wearing, light weighted as lower as 70grams  
    * Support multimedia video format like Mpeg, AVI, RM, RMVB, FLV   
    * Super dynamic quality stereo sound effect  
    * Memory Card Slot: Micro SD card slot, support max 32 GB 

    Virtual Screen Size  50inch, 2meters virtual distance
    Screen Resolution  320*240, Screen Ratio 4:3
    Firmware upgradable  8 Desktop pictures selectable
    Color Depth  24 bit, Audio output? Stereo
    Viewing Angle  26┬░Diagonal
    Audio Distortion  0.03%
    USB2.0 High speed data transfer  4MB/S
    Operation ambient Temp    -5C-+40 C
    Power Duration  2-3 hrs.
    Power Consumption  0.9W
    Frequency Response  20Hz-20KHz
    Sample Rate  8-16Khz, SNR >85db
    Power Supply  DC 3.7V/500mAh, 
    AC  110-240V
    Video Format  RM/RMVB/Mpeg/AVI/FLV
    Music Format  MP3, WMA, Flac and APE 
    Music Feature  Diversified folders, playlists, edit.
    Ebook feature  Bookmark, Page jump, Txt Color, Txt Size,Browse Mode, Auto-paging, Reading style
    Picture format  Jpeg, BMP, GIF, feature:Rotate, Zoom, Slides, Auto-browse.
    Multilanguage support  Zh, En, De, It, Pt, NL, Fr, Es, PL, Ru,Tr,Da, Cs, Ja,Sk, Kr. IL,Ar. Eg
    Accessories  USB Cable, USB Charging Cable, AC Adaptor, User Manual, Carry Case
    Transaction term:  Full advance for small orders, for big orders, 30% deposit, balance before shipment


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