1. Random Color High-speed Transmission Card Reader[10022]

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    Poly-SI Silver White Solar Charger Power For Phone PDA MP3 MP4

    l          The solar mobile charger is the ideal backup power supply for business trip, traveling, long distance journey, wildness working.

    l          Tech factors:

    l          Solar panel: 0.4W/0.7W

    l          AC input: AC100V-240V

    l          Max output current: DC500mA

    l          Li-ion battery: 1500Ma/h

    l          Weight: 110g

    l          Size: 120?73?10mm

    l          Accessories:

    l          Solar charger 


    Package included:

    5* plug adaptors (for Motoroal, Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson)

    1* Power adapter

    1* USB cable


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