1. S10RG Mini Stage Lighting Projector Stage Laser Light [21843]

    Price:  $24.45

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    Set up a light show quickly and easily with this laser stage projector. It is designed according to the security and good performance which will be safer to human and environment. Simple to set up & operate. This laser stage projector can be widely used in home party Christmas DJs Disco etc.


    * High quality stable & reliable
    * With a project-light hole it gives out brilliant colourful light beams
    * Red and Green "stars" twinkle run hide-and-seek and play automatically or according to music volumn
    * With a built-in fan for heat dissipation
    * With a tripod conveniently to place it at anywhere
    * Compact and lightweight
    * High quality plastic housing
    * Suitable places: Disco ballrooms KTV rooms bars stages parties and hotels etc


    * Model: S10RG
    * Adapter: input 100-240V/AC output 5VDC

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