1. Seagull Super Slim High Definition 62mm CPL Filter for Digital Camera[48179]

    Price:  $10.59

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    Mainly for the elimination of polarized light, and increase the concentration, deepen the sky blue color, eliminate the water surface such as glass or non-metallic reflected light.

    - Manufactured from the finest solid optical glass.
    - Ground and polished to the most practical thinness.
    - Heat-treated to avoid any distortion or focal shift and each filter is subject to strict tests in order to ensure a perfect surface which is essential to a good filter.
    - Ultra-violet: Absorbs ultra-violet rays without increase of exposure, thereby preventing hazing and foggy effects in distant landscape. Constant use of this filter is recommended for clearer pictures as well as a lens protector.
    - CIP polarizing: Removes or reduces reflections from non-metallic surfaces, darkens, blue sky while increasing color saturation penetrates haze. Simply rotates the filter in its mount until the optimum effect is obtained.

    Package included:
    1* CPL Filter

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