1. Solar Energy Rechargeable Tail Light Flashlight for Bicycle-Black [17112]

    Price:  $4.02

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    This mini flashlight can be used for bicycle taillight or warning light. Characteristic of solar energy is enviromental. 4 hours in lighting mode and flash mode more than 8 hours.


    * Name ot item:Bicycle taillight
    * Color:Black
    * Hidden and cool appearance design
    * Easy installation and remove
    * Mini shape and light weight
    * Be fit for installating on back seat tube of bicycle etc.
    * 4 functions:flash mode 1 flash mode 2 steady off
    * Solar energy rechargeable light
    * Bulb:2 super bright red LED lights
    * Work time:4 hours in lighting mode and flash mode more than 8 hours
    * Material:soft siilicone
    * Size:7x5.5x1cm/2.76x2.17x0.39inch
    Package include:
    1* light
    1* Holder



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