1. Universal Bicycle Gun Mount Holder Clip Clamp for Flashlight Laser Torch (25mm Diameter)[56479]

    Price:  $5.22

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

     This flashlight laser universal mount is with precise design for easy installation. The mount is made of high quality aluminum alloy for durable use. The mount holder allows you to add attachment such as scope flashlight laser etc. to your shotgun or bicycle.


    * Designed to install a Flashlight or Laser Sight onto the Rifle Barrel or Bicycle
    * Suitable for 25mm Flashlight & Laser Sight Tube mounting need
    * Fully adjustable with nuts & screws included
    * Constructed of full metal material extra strong shock absorption ability
    * Weight: 81g
    * Ring Diameter: 25mm
    * Built Material: Aluminum Alloy
    * Color: Black


    Package include:
    1 x Mount
    1 x Hex wrench


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