1. Wireless IR Remote Extender (100M) PAT-433[20703]

    Price:  $32.42

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The product is a 8sport Mp3 player Support max 8GB TF card, with this product, you could enjoy the music when do sport freely


    Audio formats: MP3/WMA/WAV
    Capacity: support max 8GB TF card
    S/N ration: ?86dB
    Output frequency: 20Hz-20HKz
    Battery: Li-Po battery
    USB: USB2.0
    Operation system: windows 98/2000/XP
    Playtime: music playback up to 6 hours
    Working temperature: -10 – 45 degree
    Package include:
    Mp3 player * 1
    USB cable * 1



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