1. XIAOMI Portable Power Bank 5200mAh For Xiaomi M2 M2S M3 Red Rice Apple and Android Devices[74185]

    Price:  $17.68

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This is the Newest Released XIAOMI Portable 5200mAh Power bank, It compatible with almost all smart phones and other device charged via USB port. This compact and ultra long-lasting backup battery will let you carry the power source where ever you go. When you travel or take a walk, there's no need to charge your Mobile Phone or iPad through an electrical outlet, this is theE ultimate power source!

    * Ultra High Capacity, 5200mAh, can chagrge iPhone 5S for 2 times
    * Compact, portable and stylish Design. Convenient to carry in your pocket or bag.
    * Samsung Grade A cells high quality Lithium-ion battery ensures reliability; 500 + recharge cycles over the life of the battery
    * Battery typeImported lithium-ion batteries
    * Input voltage: DC 5V
    * Output voltage: DC 5.1V
    * Input current: 2.0A (TYP)
    * Output current: 1.5A (TYP)
    * Rated capacity: 3.6V/5200mAh (TYP)
    * Charge time: Approx. 3 hours via 5V/2A with standard cable
    * Size: 91 x 55 x 21.9mm
    * Load detectionAuto-detects device connection and removal
    * Safety featuresThis product supports High voltage input limit, feedback protection, current output limit, voltage output limit, circuit breaker, charge limit, PTC, charge/discharge temperature control
    * Protection and recoveryReset feature can be activated while device is charging
    * Charging temp: 0 Celsius
    ~45 Celsius (TYP)
    * Discharging temp: -20~+Celsius 60 Celsius (TYP)

    * 1 x Power Bank
    * 1 x USB Cable
    * 1 x User Manual

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