1. Yoobao YB-642 Long March 11200mAh Power Bank Charger for iPhone 4/4s/5 iPad Mobile[38998]

    Price:  $57.08

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This external battery bank is designed for many digital devices, such as Samsung, LG phone, Apple phone, Nokia, MP3, MP4, PSP, etc. Moreover, light weight is convenient to carry, and precise power display to extend the life of the built-in battery.

    * Device Type: Power Bank, Model:YB642
    * Capacity: 11200mAh
    * Weight: 253g
    * Volume: 120*75*25mm
    * Input: 5V---1000mA; Output: 1 DC 5.3V-1000mA(max); 2 DC 5.2V-2000mA (MAX)
    * Adapters for UK, Europe , USA
    * Standard: GB 4706.18-2005

    * Compatible with iPhone, iPad, ipod, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry etc.
    * Five Indicators show the current capacity, each for 20%
    * LED torch, last for 510 hours
    * Package with eight kinds switched connectors, recharge your devices anywhere
    * With two outputs: 1 A and 2 A.
    * Portable, rechargeable, and universal power pack,
    * Elegant design and user friendly

    Package Include:
    * YB-642 power bank x1
    * Sony Ericsson Connector x1
    * DC3.5 switch cable x1
    * Apple Connector x1
    * Nokia DC2.0 Connector x1
    * Micro USB Connector x1
    * Samsung connector x1
    * PSP connector x1
    * Mini USB connector x1
    * LG connector x1
    * Adapter x1
    * English user manual x1

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