1. Stylish Design Touch Sensor LED Table Lamp with Mini Speaker[44782]

    Price:  $18.15

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This product is Stylish Design Touch Sensor LED Table Lamp with Mini Speaker which has multi-funtion such as LED light mini speaker that can meet your different needs. What's more it has the special design that looks attractive.


    1. Soft LED light.
    2. Sensor technology to turn on /off the light.
    3. Brightness adjustable by touching.
    4. Supported by 3AAA and DC 5V/USB for lamp
    5. Built-in lithium battery
    6. Mini speaker

    1.Finger quickly touch the induction key can open or close the light
    2.Through the fingers touching the induction key three seconds to  arbitrarily regulate light intensity
    3.Using original clever optical design wick glittering and translucent gives people extraordinary texture
    4.White hidden LED energy-saving lampswithout strobe do not hurt the eye free maintenance energy-saving environmental protection and longevity
    5.The machine is equipped with high-capacity and long-life rechargeable batteries safety energy saving convenient also can configurate 3pcs AAA batteries for spare use.
    6.Fully enclosed design of chimney and the light body dustproof and easy to clean.
    7.When connected with MP3 MP4 and other external audio source equipmentcan give full play to mini audio functions release one's favorite music

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