1. Stainless Metal 180-degree Rotating Flip Case Cover for iPhone 4S - Silvery[19488]

    Price:  $14.66

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

    The product is stainless metal 180-degree rotating flip case cover for iPhone 4 4G 4S.


    * Stainless steel construction and hardware.
    * 180 degree rotating lid protects main display.
    * With the flip lid at a 90 degree tilt your case becomes a personal movie viewer phone to prop up on a table..
    * Access to all ports and buttons with lid open or closed.
    * Cut out in visor lid allows views of time and incoming calls.
    * Rubber band handy for money or credit cards.
    * Keys and coins will not scratch the display when you put it in your pocket.
    * Compatible with: Apple iPhone 4 4S
    * Material: brushed stainless steel
    * Size: 4.56x2.55x0.47inch

    Package Include:
    * 1 X Metal case cover for iPhone4 4S


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