1. ML-C IR Remote Control for Canon [48117]

    Price:  $2.05

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This product is remote control for digital camera, which is useful for you

    1. IR remote control for Olympus SLR   
    2. Works from up to 6~15m                                 
    3. Easy operation, simple design
    Suitable for:
    E system:E1 E10 E20 E100RS E300 E330 E400 E410 E420 E510 E500 E2100 E2500
    Design & Performance?Stylus 800 Stylus 500 Stylus 410 Stylus 400 Stylus 300
    Easy & Fun?D40 Zoom
    Stylish??800 Digital, ?500 Digital, ?410 Digital, ?400 Digital, ?300 Digital
    Power & Versatility?
    C8080 Wide Zoom C770 Ultra Zoom
    C755 Ultra Zoom C750 Ultra Zoom
    C730 Ultra Zoom C7070 Wide Zoom
    C7000 Ultra Zoom C60 Zoom
    C5060 Wide Zoom C5050 Zoom
    C5000 Zoom C50 Zoom
    C4040 Zoom C3040 Wide Zoom
    C3030 Zoom C3000 Zoom
    C2500L C2100 Ultra Zoom
    C2040 Zoom C2020 Zoom
    C2000 Zoom

    Package included?
    1* Remote Control
    1* Battery (inside)
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