1. 33" 83cm Black Silver Reflective Umbrella [48359]

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    This reflective umbrella is an ideal tool for taking photos in studio. Install it on the adjustable tripod ball head and then play a stronglight on it by which the lights reflected becomes soft with extremely ligth shadow. It is able to help to make the photos you take more natural and beautiful.


    *  easy to use and easy to carry wherever you need them.
    * The silver lining means you get soft, even lighting from your strobes or flash. The silver reflects more light than a translucent umbrella or soft-box.
    * Inner silver lining reflects light and makes your picture brighter
    * Outer black lining keeps unwanted light from being reflected into your photo;
    * Easy to assemble/disassemble, compact and easy to store
    * The portable tool is extremely suitable for all level photographers from amateurs to professionals.

    Material: nylon material, Aluminum shaft
    Size:Diameter: 43inch, Folded Length: about 76cm , Shaft diameter: about 8mm
    Color: black and silver
    Compatibility: suitable for all studio flash

    Package Includes:

    1* reflective umbrella 

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