1. 43" Black Silver Reflective Umbrella [48360]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The umbrella is made of high-quality material with translucent white color. This is the same soft umbrella you see in professional studios. It diffuses flash or studio lighting to give that soft wrapping light for better skin tone and contrast control. It is an ideal light-softened umbrella for portrait and still life photographing indoor or outdoor. This is a must item for all photographers. It folds nicely and easy to carry around and work great with light tent.


    * High-quality nylon construction.
    * 40" large size wide white translucent umbrella.
    * Perfect for static photography, such as taking photos for static objects.
    * Make a very soft and natural effect.
    * Soften the flash light and get rid of the shadows, improve the quality of you pictures.
    * Good to reduce shadow like the window lighting indoors and outdoors for portraits and so on.
    * Folds nicely with light weight, easy to use and carry around.

    * Material: nylon material, Aluminum shaft
    * Size:Diameter:  40 inch, Folded Length: about 66cm , Shaft diameter: about 8mm
    * Compatibility: suitable for all studio flash

    Pakage Includes:

    1* light-softened umbrella 

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