1. 13.3 Inches Frosted Matte Protective Case Shell Cover for MacBook Pro 13.3 - 9 Color Optional[78167]

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    This is a Frosted Dull Polish Matte Laptop Protective Case Shell. It Compatible with 13.3 Inch MacBook Pro. Elegant design pure jelly color light weight. Smooth accurate not easy to fall off. It's a nice choice for your beloved laptop.

    * Name: MacBook Pro 13.3 Case
    * Style: Matte
    * Material: PC (
    Plastic hard case coating matte on the outer surface - without logo)
    * Color: White Gray BlackYellow Orange Red Green Lake Blue Dark Purple - 9 Color Optional
    * Compatible With: 13.3 Inch MacBook Pro
    * Elegant design pure jelly color light weight
    * Bring all-round meticulous care to laptop
    * Reserved hole location for power interface USB interface etc
    * Smooth accurate not easy to fall off
    * Remove convenient
    * Bright color cover skin makes your MacBook more shiny and personality
    * Two surface design can protect your MacBook both side
    * Protect your MacBook from the dirtscratchdust and damage
    * It fits your 13.3 Inch MacBook Pro perfectly
    * You can access the ports or buttons of your laptop without moving the case
    * Dull polish design can reduce the finger print and not easy to slip

    Cleaning Instruction:
    Apply some mild detergent on a damp cloth
    Gently scrub the cover back
    Rinse the cover thoroughly with water
    Place the cover on tissue paper and air dry naturally
    Do not use soap to clean

    Note: The MacBook Logo Covered by Case

    Package Includes:
    1* 13.3 Inch MacBook Pro Matte Case


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