1. Waterproof Bike Bicycle Mount Case Cover Holder Protector for iPhone 5 - White[19326]

    Price:  $15.97

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 October, 2014.

    The iPhone 5 special bike base can easily installed on the bicycle handlebar without any tool put your iPhone 5 sacking enclosed in the soft silicone shell then you can start a wonderful journey.


    * Waterproof bike mount case for 5 5G
    * Quick-mount on handlebars
    * Attach your on any tubular surface of your bike
    * 360 degree rotatable case
    * Soft silicon inner pad for shock resistance
    * Easy access all function
    * Charge your phone without taking off your case
    * suitable for handlebars or stems with between 22.2-23.8mm
    * Size:7*17*1.7CM
    * Weight:155g

    Package include:
    * iPhone 5 bicycle case holder x 1


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