1. 2nd Generation Bluetooth Vibration Bracelet Built-in Speaker Can Answer the Phone - Black [57840]

    Price:  $46.84

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The Bluetooth vibrating bracelet is a revolutionary product that gives the user discreet and  a wareness of an incoming mobile phone call by vibrating. and also you can answer the phone and play and listen music with it!

    * Answer by press a button. It make the voice calls rapid & convenient
    * Pairing with Bluetooth. It's a perfect fashion parther for iPhone
    * Vibrating when your call incoming. It won't let you miss any calls
    * Anti-lost function, when distance between mobile and bracelet over 10-15m, bracelet will vibrate by alarm, short click any key to release alarm

    * Answer call
    * SMS/Memento/alarm clock
    * Music player
    * Anti-lost
    * Time setting

    * Bluetooth version: V2.1
    * Working voltage: 3.6V-4.2V
    * Working current: 45mA
    * Working frequency: 2.4GHz
    * Duration of charging: 2-3 hours
    * Standby time: 72 hours
    * Battery: li-ion battery

    External charger specification:
    * Input voltage: alternating current: 110-240V
    * Frequency: 50Hz
    * Input current: 0.15A
    * Output voltage: 5.7V
    * Output current: 600mA

    Package Include:
    * Bracelet x 1
    * USB cable x 1

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