1. Multi-functional USB OTG COMBO Charging Dock Card Reader Hub for Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / Note 2 - Black / White[62816]

    Price:  $16.97

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This multi-functional charging dock OTG COMBO is a link conversion device applied to mobile phones with Android system OTG supporting OTG function, supports all the smart phones with OTG function and Micro USB port. With this item, you can make the full use of the mobile phone OTG function and change your mobile into a mini computer. 

    * Color: Black / White
    * Material: ABS
    * OTG smart for smart phone & PAD
    * Multi-functional charging dock 
    * Compatible Model: Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / Note 1 / Note 2 and other mobiles which can support OTG or USB host function
    * Change your mobile phone into a mini computer
    * Support read & write SD (HC) / MS / M2 / TF / MMC memory card
    * Support USB devices: USB flash disk, USB mouse and USB keyboard etc.
    * Support OTG function for all tablets with Micro USB interface
    * Support 5.1 3D sound input and output
    * LED indicator:
      OTG function: blue LED light on the right is luminous
      Charging function: red LED light on the left is luminous
    * Input: DC 5V 1A
    * Output: DC 5V 1A
    * Product Size: 11.8 x 7.8 x 5.8cm / 4.65 x 3.07 x 2.28inch
    * Package Size: 12 x 8 x 9.6cm / 4.72 x 3.15 x 3.78inch

    Package Includes:
    1 x OTG Charging Dock
    1 x USB Cable (86cm / 33.86inch)

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