1. Stainless Steel Solar 2-LED House Number Doorplate Light[63713]

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    This is solar house number doorplate light the top of the solar panels can convert the Bai Tianguang into electrical energy which is stored in the rechargeable batteries. And the lighting time is determined by the solar which is stored in the daytime. It is suitable for patio lawn balcony use. And the good material will make this solar lamp durable with long time using.


    * Name: Stainless Steel Solar House Number Doorplate Light
    * Unique Stainless Steel design to the lamp makes itself not only attractive but also practical
    * Creative lamp can bring you different experience
    * No wiring or other power supply needed
    * Install easily Fixed directly above the door frame
    * Saving Power and environmental protection
    * Control System: When the ambient light <200LUX automatically lit
    * Suitable place: patio lawn balcony villas residential corporate and so on
    * Automatic charging during the day the light automatically at night

    * Material: Stainless steel + glass
    * Solar panel: 2.5V 80mAh
    * Power: 0.2W
    * Battery: AAA 600mAh rechargeable battery
    * Light source: 2*LED
    * Charging time: 6-8 hours of direct sunlight in summer
    * Lighting Time: 8-10 hours after one-time charging
    * Size: 20 x 18 x 4cm
    * Color: As shown in the pictures

    Package includes:
    * 1 x Stainless steel solar house number doorplate light
    * 3 x Set Number Sticker (0~9)
    * 1 x Set Letter Sticker (a~f)
    * 2 x Screw


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