1. E27 65W 6000LM 3528 SMD 500-LED Spot Lamp Red & Blue Light Greenhouse Plant Growth Bulb Light - White / Red (85-265V)[70988]

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    This item is E27 500-LED 3528 SMD Red & Blue Light Spot Lamp. With 6000LM Flux 65W power and wide voltage from 85-265V this LED bulb is widely used in greenhouse.All red and blue light can be absorbed well by chlorophyll which makes your plants flourish more and thickset. It is perfect for promoting plants' better growth.


    * Shell Color: Red / White
    * Connector Type: E27
    * Emitter Type: SMD 3528 LED
    * Total Emitters: 500-LED
    * Voltage: 85-265V
    * Power: 65W
    * Flux: 6000LM
    * Wavelength: 650nm (red) / 450nm (blue)
    * Size (DxH): 16.9 x 13.7 cm/6.65 x 5.39 in

    Package includes:
    1 x E27 Plant Grow Light Bulb


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